How two words are helping me end the cycle of Imposter Syndrome

Building a media consulting business is the best of times, and the worst of times. On the one hand, I’m finding new ways to use my skills to help people. …

I whole-heartedly agree. I taught a seminar recently on pitching to TV and realized how I (and most talk shows) rely on the Socratic method of persuasion - where you introduce or setup a problem, and your product/brand/tips are the solution. It's worked for millenia and is still my go-to for pitching content.

I love how this sentence emphasizes the process. My personal finance client always says there's no good way to get rich quick. Real, sustainable wealth comes from effort and time. This is what I tell myself and my friends who have also started businesses during the pandemic. We may not be millionaires, but we've all made progress in the past year and will continue to make progress next year.

I actually get a lot of joy and security from having a long-term tenant, more than when I tried short-term rental. A lot of people, including myself, are lured by the promise of 'easy money'. I just realized I value more substance than 'fast cash'. I still have to live with the decisions I make.

I love this point on meaning, but I think it's a two-way relationship. In my last job I felt like I mattered to the overall organization (many times I felt like I was integral to the production as a middle manager). But the subject matter didn't align with what I was interested in or valued. I'm single and childless by choice, yet the show I worked on was firmly fixed on catering to moms. It just wasn't enough to hold my interest, when so many of the things I cared about weren't valued content. Now as a freelancer and contributor on this platform I'm more in control over the content I create. The pay is less reliable, but the joy is constant.

Ugh, I just threw up in my mouth at this. No one ever comments on men and their child-creating abilities. Also the casual nature in which people comment on women's bodies in any context drives me nuts. I'm single and childless by choice, which means I have a world of other topics I can talk about. If you can't think of a context beyond your own life as a parent, that's on you.

Me too! And it's everything I hoped it would be. I often worry that I've set myself up for failure because I haven't mapped out a proper business plan (I have a mantra and a few one-pagers describing different aspects of what I can do). But mainly I just create, publish, and when people come to me and say "I need someone to write XYZ" I say "Yes, and this is how much it will cost you". Sometimes they ghost, but most people see the value and, voila, a paid gig.

If I’m ever going to be lured back into an office, I have one requirement: no distractions please

The only time I’ve ever bragged about being a multitasker was on a resume. I think it was the first “skill” I ever set down on a list to convince someone to…

Am I doing it wrong or have we been given a pack of lies?

My first taste of “passive income” came before I even heard of the FIRE movement. I had just moved to downtown Toronto, next door to major tourist hotspots including the iconic CN Tower. …

I realized this very early on in my new life as a freelancer/consultant. I never related to articles that shared how to hack the algorithm by using the right search key words or tags. Writing is therapy. I have to be authentic, honest and simply get my thoughts out of my head. If others connect with it and form an audience, following or community that's an added bonus.

Tara McEwen

Navigating the next phase of my career, where I’m determined to come out of this pandemic better than I came into it | Word nerd | Dog mom

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