Is it Zoom Fatigue? Or is it Just Bad Lighting?

laptop with a virtual meeting showing variety of people on screen
Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash
Dark silhouette of person with no distinguishable features
Recreation of my first Zoom appearance. Would you believe this person has 15+ years producing experience?
View of work from home setup with a desk facing a large window
First setup of permanent wfh situation. The first rule of video calls: face your brightest light source
Properly lit face looking into a computer screen
Actual laptop shot facing window. Blinds are drawn to better balance light hitting my face
view of same home office space but the desk is angled to sit beside the window, as opposed to facing the window
Same wfh space, but desk and book shelf now face each other
Person logging into video call with good lighting and interesting background
Actual laptop photo of this setup. Not as much depth behind, but the background has more interest than the other angle. I’m also using a bare lightbulb to reduce shadows on the side of my face not facing the window



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Tara McEwen

Tara McEwen

Navigating the next phase of my career, where I’m determined to come out of this pandemic better than I came into it | Word nerd | Dog mom